To the Moon - Sheet Music

I decided to go and make some nice sheet music for some of the songs from the To the Moon soundtrack. So far I’ve only done one…

Everything’s Alright (pdf)

The original source for these sheets was the files uploaded at by one user named “prince3734”. I felt that the fairly low-resolution images were not very printer-friendly, however, so I wrote up the music in Lilypond. I’ve added an extra staff with the sung melody, but the rhythm and notes are really just a guideline, since I didn’t bother listening to the song on repeat many times in order to get the right notes! So, you’re probably better off listening to the soundtrack to work out the vocals.


The copyright to the original songs and lyrics are of course owned by freebird games, however as far as I am aware they are happy with people distributing sheet music and such. To the extent that my modifications (whatever copyright interest exists in typesetting, and attempts at writing up lyrics) are copyrightable, I license them to the public irrevocably/waive all copyright interest under Creative Commons’ CC0. Note that my transcriptions probably have errors, so I do not and cannot claim any kind of endorsement from the copyright owners.